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Give Back (in a Fun Way!) During the Holidays

Do you want to get your kids involved in GIVING BACK but don't know how? Harness their creative energies and join our Givingpreneur Marketplace. Details below. 


LSF Givingpreneur Holiday Market

Get Involved!

Designed for kids in grades K-8. Want to get involved? Email 


Our holiday marketplace will showcase dozens of local budding givingpreneurs 

Give Back!

Every kid vendor chooses a charity close to their heart to donate a portion of their proceeds 


Our Story

The Givingpreneur concept was developed to focus on the younger generation of budding entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Our goal is to introduce the concepts of building a business and developing ways to help those in need. 

Proceeds from this program will go towards funding our Lady Savant Foundation School in Cambodia (left) and in particular keeping our girl students safe and educated.

What is a Givingpreneur

We believe that you are never too young to change the world! Many kids (and adults) probably think that only grown ups can make a difference, but we disagree. We created the Givingpreneur program to act as a launching pad for young philanthropists and entrepreneurs as a way to create change. Regardless of age, we are all global citizens and it feels great to give back to our community and be productive members of society.

Our goal for the Givingpreneur program is to empower kids at a young age with a basic knowledge of entrepreneurship and philanthropic giving. We believe that introducing a business model of ‘capitalism with a conscious’ is a very powerful tool in creating future change, as well as instilling pride, confidence and improving overall wellbeing in all kids. The ability to merge ROI and Return to Society is the way of the future. 

It is our job as parents to teach our kids the goodness of GIVING BACK! 

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